Meet BC Alexander

"BC Alexander - Visionary Servant Leader"

BC Alexander inspires audiences of all ages to think powerfully and empowers them to potently take inspired action in life and business as True Leaders.

As a professional public speaker BC Alexander speaks from valuable real world experience being an amazing father, business professional, entrepreneur, and top tier collegiate student athlete.

BC’s mission is to EMPOWER and INSPIRE True Leadership in the Global Community through Impactful Public Speaking.

As a master leadership coach BC Alexander coaches Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Emerging Youth Leaders in the way of applying a simple, expansionary process called Leadership Empowered!™ to increase their Power and Potency as True Leaders. True Leadership is your most expansive, passionate, and loving expression of the leadership within.

BC created Leadership Empowered!™ because he knows from personal experience, that when you Empower your Inner Leadership, you will Lead a Fulfilling, Abundant Life of Love and Limitless Possibilities. Focused application of Leadership Empowered!™ allows Self-Mastery, Inspired-Action, Positive-Change, and leads to True Leadership.

BC is dedicated to living his vision of Inspiring the Global Community to be the Best Leaders of Others, by first being the Best Leaders of Ourselves.

Leadership Empowered!™ is Winning YOUR Inner Game of True Leadership in Life and Business. Your ONE VICTORY!™ That Matters Most!

BC is the proud father of an amazing daughter (Myléa), and lives in the Kansas City, Missouri area. He earned a Master of Science Degree with Co-Majors in Computer Engineering and Information Assurance (c/o 2006), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering (c/o 2003) from The Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. He was born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa. He loves traveling, connecting and communicating with people, and being of tremendous service by helping others learn & grow as True Leaders.

“LEAD … or LOSE OUT. The Choice is YOURS.”™

Be a True Leader … Choose Leadership Empowered!™ Today.

"BC Alexander - Visionary Servant Leader"

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